Monday, April 25, 2011

Constitutional Law - Dairy Queen should be against public policy

Ah an hour ago, after one last hurrah with my friends over First Amendment Free Speech, I decided that I'd had been studying all day and dammit I needed some DQ Blizzard in my life. I got a SMALL Oreo Blizzard, to which the drive through attendant asked me if I wanted anything else in there and I told her I didn't know what that meant. So, she said "$2.93" and gave me a Blizzard that is about the size of a pint of ice cream. Holy shit.  I don't eat ice cream or dessert that often mainly because I like the main meat aspect of the meal. But there is something about oreos and ice cream that just seems so correct.

What is also correct is that I am a self-diagnosed sufferer of lactose intolerance. What a dreadful infliction of the dairy industry, I mean really. I told Ellen and some friends at a Christmas party she brought me to that "I was so glad spandex was acceptable again because I really love cheese." REALLY???

My main point of this post is to say places like DQ and etc, that have no f*#(!&g concept of size and the expanding pants of obese America. It is crippling and if it weren't for oreos I'd never think twice, except for a mild flash of my childhood in South Carolina when my mom would take me to get a Butterscotch Dipped  Cone. Or my Mommom would take us to McDonald's BEFORE swim practice for a snack. My mom likes to tell me my adolescent acne was due to genetics - but really - she has stunning skin now and I'd like to blame fast food. Some people think that woman who sued McDonald's for her coffee being too hot is crazy, but what is crazy is that she had serious 3rd degree burns.

My conclusion as a hopeful future lawyer (for all of us who love oreos, cheese, and other lactose based foods), is that fast food is hurting America. My god, look at Jamie Oliver - he goes to the FATTEST TOWNS IN AMERICA and tries to show us how to eat better. Poor Jamie Oliver, people get so mad when he is like do you know what a vegetable is or that pizza is an unacceptable breakfast meal? Seriously,  I cook as much as I do and started this blog because my body can't even digest fast food anymore. So what is worse? Attempting to digest god knows what hopefully in the privacy of your own home or telling yourself thank god spandex is back so I can eat?  Pass the celery and the water. Send good vibes for my exam tomorrow.

Side bar: the blizzard was delicious.

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