Friday, April 22, 2011

Exam Week Hunger Pangs

Well the first week of law school exams are over, and I feel like I have been eating like people say pregnant women eat. I want salty meats, seafood, sushi, ice cream, candy, and mac and cheese...and so what do I do? I eat whatever I want. Irresponsible? - maybe so. The fact that Huddle House (similar to a Waffle House) is the best restaurant in this town, I have been fancying myself with breakfast power foods and I feel it has been in no way healthy. (Cut to last Friday, when I decided it was due time I make myself Eggs Benedict)

For spring break I went to Austin to visit my bestest oldest friend Ellen. I have Eggs Benedict withdraws...especially after she made EB look like this. I really love the plates too, which I may or may not have licked after. Ellen used the hollandaise sauce recipe that her mom has always used - butter and lots of lemon juice (freshly squeezed because that's how we do things). My grandmother is the best at making EB. When I still lived at home, I would go over to Mom-Mom's for breakfast with my cousins and we always have EB, french toast or french waffles. Mom-Mom has her own method of why her EB is extra awesome, I know this because I made her show me the way one weekend. I used some of these techniques in the Austin EB - such as toasting the english muffins in the oven (broiler on for crispiness) and ROUND Canadian bacon that you place on the skillet or can crisp them up in the oven with the bread. Strangely, the canadian bacon was truly hard to find in the Austin grocery store we went to, I believe it was a HEB.

Now, the EB I made last Friday was not as glorious as the "Ellen Austin" version. I had never made hollandaise sauce from scratch besides watching Ellen make it with a food processor. I searched all over the internet to try to find how much lemon juice I would need to reach awesomeness. So I went with my gut and melted the butter in the microwave and doubled up the egg yolks and lemon juice from what I had gathered from and threw it in the blender. Then I realized, I don't have an egg poacher and had to use all the vinegar to fix my garbage disposal (it worked, by the way) - so I fried the eggs. Then I toasted a bagel because I didn't have any english muffins. And this happened: 
Say hello to Morgan's Eggs Benedict. I like my bacon extra crispy and I think Siracha goes most fantastically with eggs (any style). Now, I ate 3/4 of this plate myself. Karma is so real yall because no one should eat that much food without consequences, and what happened was that I had to lay down and listen to a lecture in my bed. I walked 5 miles the next day because I could feel the butter I had consumed in my arteries, I'm pretty sure. Here's the thing, I plan on making it again in the future - just not when I have things to do that day - like law school and taking Carmen on the trail. 

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