Friday, May 27, 2011

I like my meat juicy...

I got my law school grades today and I WILL BE A 3L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so elated. Law school is a lot of work yall. I cried tears of joy and relief. Then I decided that I needed a delicious burger asap.

My friend Julie from college is visiting this weekend and we have done a lot of stuff since she got here Wednesday night. We went to the aquarium and pet the sting rays, saw the whale sharks and even pretend got our picture taken with dolphins (hahaha. Julie detests dolphins). Today we went and saw The Bodies Exhibit. Incredible. It did, at times, make me feel a little queasy, but I didn't know if it was because it's all REAL BODIES or if it was way too hot in there for preserved dead bodies. Still processing.

Anyway, back to the burgers. I like to get a package of ground chuck and ground sirloin to mix together for burgers. They just taste better, trust me. So I combined the burger meat with 1 egg (to hold everything together), goat cheese, and diced yellow onion. I also put some sea salt, pepper, rosemary, red pepper flakes, a little bit of chili oil, and some garlic powder and mushed it together with my hands. Slap the patties with your hands and toss them on a grill. We got some french rolls and toasted them on the grill while the burgers were cooking. I cooked them 5-8 min a side at first and then every 4 min I flipped them. Why I chose that time frame, I have no idea, but it worked. It all depends on how you like your burger and if you appreciate grill marks. :)

This is the juiciest burger I had had in a long time. It was delicious. I could only eat one though, the cheese helps to make it excellent. The Bodies Exhibit tells people "you are what you eat" - well if that's true, I am delicious, juicy, well seasoned and spicy. I'll take that!

Cooking well makes me feel fantastic. So does the fact that I know I will finish law school now. Thank god. Thank myself. Thank my friends and family and professors who supported me.

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