Monday, October 31, 2011

Thanksgiving is approaching and I am super excited!

So, for those of you who do not know me personally, my favorite holiday that we celebrate here in America is THANKSGIVING. And I am going to tell you why, but first let me just explain a few historical inaccuracies I have with this American holiday.

When I was growing up in South Carolina, I (along with the rest of the doe eyed kids in my class) were taught that Thanksgiving was a time when the Native Americans and the Pilgrims came together and shared a meal together. The Native Americans brought maize/corn and some other delights. Apparently the Pilgrims brought the turkey. This is beginning to sound like a Sarah Palin history of America story isn't it. Thanks a lot South Carolina.

What a crock! As I got older I did more research and different teachers taught the "history" differently. It is real hard for me to believe that this was a harmonious event that wasn't Hallmarked-up by someone/people.

Now, here is what I personally love about Thanksgiving: tradition, family, togetherness, and love. Though I haven't been at home for this lovely holiday in the past three years (thanks law school), I have been lucky to have friends and sometimes their family to be around and eat with. My first year, my mom sent me her usual Thanksgiving Menu - and I made everything except the pumpkin pies. For some reason, pumpkin pie just doesn't do it for me. For some people, they will drive to the ends of the earth - I could really care less. My second year, I went to a friend's home and shared Thanksgiving with their family. It was awesome and reminded me a lot of my own family's traditions. This year, my sister will be coming up for a few days with Mr. Brown (her most awesome Bull Terrier), and we will be cooking for ourselves and some of my friends up here. She is a vegetarian, so the menu - which I haven't decided upon yet - will be extensive.

I love turkey. I love it roasted. I love it fried. I just love it. I love that it makes me tired and sleepy after eating it. It is a food that let's you know that if you happen to go "over the belt" that day, it is ok, you can truly sleep it off.

Speaking of turkey, I emailed the closest EarthFare, which is about 2 hours away from me, maybe a little less. I asked how I go about ordering a turkey. Well the MEAT MANAGER emailed me back this morning and said they will order me up one and that I don't need to worry - that I just need to pick it up and it will be ready form me. How glorious! I am so excited 1) that I KNOW I will have a good turkey and 2) that the meat manager emailed me.

I love gravy. I love it probably more than the average person should love gravy. I am so thankful my mom taught me how to make it. I am also really glad I bought a food processor with my Westlaw points.

I will be plotting this menu over the next few weeks.

Also my computer SHOULD be back today. I have truly missed it. Right now I am on a Gateway 2000. I can't say that excites me at all, nor will I.

Have an excellent week!

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