Sunday, February 5, 2012

Forgive me, I am feeling a touch famous.

Here's something you already know, I love food. Here's something you might NOT know, at a recent school event I donated a dinner (cooked by moi) and people bid on it during the silent auction - along with other awesome things to win. All the proceeds are going to CASA ("Court Appointed Special Advocate"), which I am proudly a volunteer with this organization.

Well friends, I offered the dinner for up to six people and it was purchased! I am really excited to cook for the people that won (my fellow classmates). I will have to find a good recipe that they all are interested in - or I can make a few options and have a traditional "Unlawful Cook Family Dinner." Hmmm. 

Anyway, I am really flattered that people bid on letting me cook them dinner. I hope they like it! I am a lucky girl.

Additionally, it is the super bowl. What am I doing? Well I am at work in the library at the circulation desk. What do I wish I was doing? Eating as many delicious, savory, spicy chicken wings as I can. Alas, that dream will have to wait a little longer, til my shift ends. So in the mean time I am looking up all kinds of wing recipes, and it isn't helping the situation - my mouth just keeps watering. I don't know why I love chicken wings so much, I didn't grow up eating them. It wasn't a regular (and still isn't a regular) meal at my parent's house. I am going to chalk it up to "I always wanted the drumstick" when my mom roasted a chicken or at Thanksgiving. I am on a mission (besides graduating from law school, moving to Texas, passing the bar, and having a full blown life) to make a banging chicken wing. I like spicy, I like saucy, I like it all. Except blue cheese. I can do without blue cheese for the rest of my life on this earth.

Enjoy this Super BOWL SUNDAY!!!!

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