Monday, March 12, 2012

My goodness, My Guinness Chuck Roast

Well, I just finished my last spring break. I have about 6 more weeks of school, then graduation, then packing, then stopping by my parent's in South Carolina, then trucking it to TEXAS. It's gone by faster than I thought it would.

Cut to: 630pm. Monday night. Morgan at the meat section of Wal-Mart (don't judge me, I am in a limited area). Morgan is pondering over which cut of meat to make tonight, after all, it is Monday and it's gloomy as hell outside. Morgan takes out her handy iPhone, googles chuck roast, and VIOLA! It all comes together, like witnessing a phoenix rise from the ashes.

Morgan's Great Guinness Chuck Roast
4 lb chuck roast
1 red pepper
1 onion cut long
1 package of sliced baby bellas
2 tablespoons of Sea Salt or Kosher Salt
1 tablespoon Ground Pepper
1 bundle of Fresh Sage (FRESH SAGE, you can get it at most markets)
1 teaspoon of dried rosemary
1 teaspoon of dried thyme
5 cloves garlic
1 bottle/can of Guinness
1 cup of water
1 cup of demiglace (optional)

Directions: Pre-heat oven to 325

First, take the meat (it's beautiful, yes?) and pat it dry. Then rub it with the salt and the pepper. You can stab it a little with a fork if desired. (I don't judge, some days you just feel the urge to stab things, this is a safe outlet). Rub this on all over it. Love it. Yaaaa you do.

Now, I used my dutch oven (TA-DA) and you can use a big frying pan or a roaster pan - whatever you use will be fine for this part. Put the dutch oven on the stove, turn to a medium heat and with some olive oil and your rub rubbed brown the meat on both sides (about 10-15 minutes). Take the meat off and put on a plate or other kitchen piece of equipment.

In the same place you browned the meat, add the onions, peppers, and mushrooms - and a little bit of olive oil - NOT A LOT (please). Let these sauté for about 8-10 minutes. Then add the smashed garlic cloves, diced fresh sage and other spices. After about 2-3 minutes, add a bottle of Guinness and a cup of water. Let it come to a boil, then add the meat back on.

BEFORE YOU COVER IT: add about 1 cup of demiglace if you like, I like so I added. I mean, what could it possibly hurt? Nothing. Ever. I could drink it.

So, cover it up, put it in the oven at 325. Flip the meat (all of it) about every hour. It will take about 3-3.5 hours to cook if you have a 4 pounder, which I am assuming is standard. I also baste just about everything I make, so I baste this bad boy every time I flip it.

The meat will become very tender and may get hard to flip. Improvise and get a fork and just flip it over on its own. :)

We ate it with slices of bread, the sauce is really good to soak up. I hope you enjoy it.

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