Monday, June 13, 2011

The New M.C. Rib - SUCK IT! (the ribs for being so tasty that is...)

I decided it was summer, and it was due time I try my hand at a rack of ribs. So the recipe I have created for you is something I came up with when my computer was being fixed at the apple store. Just goin on mah gut feeling and what we had in our spice rack.

I give you - The New M.C. Rib (M.C. for my appropriate)

1 Rack of Ribs
Minced Onion
Red Pepper Flakes
Chili Oil
Garlic Powder
Worcestershire Sauce

Rib Prep:
I cut the ribs in half so I could try out two different flavors (well, slightly different flavors). Dry rubs are where it's at with ribs apparently, so I followed suit.

Rib #1: Sprinkle with salt, pepper, garlic powder, minced onions, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and red hot pepper flakes. Then, pour a little bit of chili oil (probably about a teaspoon or two) and massage the seasonings into the meat. Then take the honey and drizzle it all over the meat. Take some siracha and make a design and then massage the meat again. Flip and repeat.

Rib #2: Basically the exact same as above, except do not use siracha, use worcestershire sauce instead. Flip and repeat on other side of meat.

Rib Rest: What? Yes. Wrap the ribs in aluminum foil or plastic wrap or both and place in the refrigerator. After 12 hrs or more, flip the ribs over and let sit for another 12 hrs. Yea you like that don't you. Get all the flavor all up in those ribs girl! mmmmmmhmmmmm.

Finished awesomeness. 


this is simply not as clear as it deserves. 

oh hey right out of the oven. 

See how hot. Notice the hottness.

Juices from roasting that I used to marinate

Cooking the Ribs: Clearly, now that I have computer back, I did some needed research on cooking the ribs. I have no smoker - but do have a grill and an oven. After speaking with some people, I have decided to roast the ribs in the oven, wrapped up in tin foil for a few hours (flipping every 75 minutes) at about 250 degrees. I placed the ribs each on their own cooking sheet to insure integrity of the flavors. After about 2.5 hrs, I placed them on the grill, bone side down for about 15 minutes and then flipped to get some grill marks (oh how I love the grill marks). Make sure the grill is hot enough - over 350 degrees or so is good. Also, don't put the ribs on a cold grill, let it heat up.

Taste away. Thanks. Bye.

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